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Powerfully Fit: Over 100,000lbs lost.
Thousands of lives changed forever.

Powerfully Fit: Over 100,000lbs lost.
Thousands of lives changed forever.

Sam Davis

What’s up sister, I’m Sam

Founder of Powerfully Fit Training
CEO of The Femmé Society
Expert Female Health Coach
Women’s Empowerment Advocate
Tequila & Flare Pant Lover


I empower women to take control of their health, build unbreakable confidence, and live a life of freedom

Tell me if this sounds like you, you're...


You’re yearning to have a ‘bikini-ready’ bod year round, never having to worry about your ‘vacay bod’ ever again.


You dying to have a social life while losing weight, but those tubs full of ground turkey and rice just don’t let you​


You want to discover what it’s like to have unmatched confidence, feel sexy naked, and understand what your body needs to lose fat and tone up.

Sis, yes, we hear you, you just found your family.

This is your permission to throw away that dried up ground turkey and broccoli, pour yourself a margarita, and crush your goals… the maintainable way.

I’d like to send something helpful your way, is that okay?

5 fat-loss secrets coaches don’t tell you (on purpose) during your weight loss journey

This FREE eBook contains 5 proven secrets you should implement like, yesterday, that help skyrocket your fat-loss results. (Don’t tell your trainer I’m giving you all her secrets though.. It’s our little secret!)

Let's go on an adventure

It’s time to love yourself again, this time you’re in the driver’s seat.


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